A Quantum Leap in Consciousness


The convergence of quantum science and spiritual principles has revealed a direct portal into higher consciousness and the capacity to attain a new way of being—one which unleashes the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. These challenging times require an expeditious approach to individual and organizational awakening.


Third Eye ActivationThe Q Process is one of many emerging methodologies that quicken rapid internal shifts in perception, meaning making, and intention—allowing for greater coherence, congruence, and integrity in all personal and collective pursuits. It enables the individual as well as the organization to step out of predict and control strategies and access the creative potential of the now moment - where infinite possibilities exist.


Girl with Earth make up on Face

You are invited to join others looking to make a difference in the world—a difference that only can arise one person and one life at a time. Each of us is essential to the restoration of balance and sustainability. Each of us is called to be the One.


Family at sunsetThe Q Effect supports you in making this momentous leap in consciousness that empowers you and others like you to greater relational harmony, inner well-being, emotional health, heart centered coherence, personal fulfillment and prosperity, and the meaningful expression of co-creating a world that works for all.


Imagine It: